Getting the Best Estate Agent Deals When Buying a Home

Estate agents are probably the most unpopular amongst the circle of people involved in a property transaction. They’re not the ones buyers are often very friendly with, probably because their persistence to push a sale can sometimes be very annoying. But as a buyer, if you want to get the best buying deal, you might want to be a little friendlier to the estate agent that presented you the property you think will be ideal, and get them on your side.

If you want to win them over and work out the best deal for your purchase, make estate agents feel needed and involved in the process. They like it when you get in touch with the to ask for real estate advice - especially in terms of finding a really good property to buy.

Being honest with the estate agent also is very important. You’ve got to tell them about your financial situation so they could find you the best property that would suit your budget. Whilst there are times that some estate agents are not completely honest with the buyers, as they would offer a rather expensive house to rake in the best fees, an ideal estate agent would do their best to find an affordable yet still good property for you. They’re the ones looking after your best interest, and not just how much they’ll get from the deal.

More so, when talking to your agents about how much you can afford, you might also want to tell them about your mortgage in principle (if any) and who your lender is to let them know you’re serious about buying. It will help them  a lot to find a good property for you to buy if you show them you’re not joking about.

And as you go through viewing the property, making an offer, and going through the rest of the process, some estate agents can also give you good advice about it. You can ask them for help if you think there’s something about the property that you think you can use to renegotiate the offer.

Staying in touch with the agent will also help to get them on your side. Find time to call or send them an email, especially if you’re still in the middle of looking, so they’ll get in touch with you right away if a good property comes in on the market.  

More importantly, when an estate agent schedules a viewing for you, do your best to attend it. If you’re not able to make it, let them know ahead of time so they can arrange a more convenient schedule. If you don’t show up for no reason at all, it leaves them under the impression that you’re not interested in their help.

Always remember that an estate agent deals with a considerable number of potential buyers in their books, and having them think you’re barely interested in their help prompts them to move on to the next one they can assist. Get them on your side by showing your interest and when they get in touch with you about an updated listing, return their call or reply to their message as soon as you can.

In a nutshell, estate agents, despite their quite unpopular reputation for annoying persistence, can actually be helpful in terms of achieving your goal to buy and own a home. Treating them nicely as how you want to be treated is the trick to get them on your side and get the best buying deal you’re hoping for.